Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crochet Tea Cosy Pattern

I have been ill in bed for the last few days. I needed a little project that I could just pick up and leave, in between naps. I was going to try and finish off my blanket. Instead I opted for a design I'd seen from Meme Rose.

I didn't measure my teapot. I wish I had as it ended up being too big. I used acrylic wool, that I had bought for another project.

Yarn: Acrylic - Mustard, lemon, pale yellow, dark, medium and a light grey.

Hook: 4mm

Stitch used: dc (UK), sc (USA)

Chain 40 stitches

Turn, chain 1 and then DC until end. Change yarn colour and DC back along chain in BACK LOOPS ONLY. Chain 1, turn DC in both loops. Change colour of yarn. Continue until you reach the desired length.

You will need to add a contrasting colour along the bottom edge and then sew in the loose ends.

I was going to just add a drawstring as I had made it far too big. due to being ill, I could not be bothered to fetch my teapot and tape measure. Plus I was liking the grey and yellow theme.

Then I stumbled on the neon pink wool at the bottom of my wool stash, so carried on with Meme Roses design. I added a button and button loop and stitched the sides together, to fit around the handle and spout.


  1. Hi Sweetheart ,that is lovely ,arent you clever? I think Iwill cut and paste this pattern ,(Oh by the way I hate tea)..I hope you are feeling better now love Aunty Jan xx

    1. You're welcome to use the pattern Aunty Jan, just throw your fans my way ;-)... My wool addiction must come from Nanna x

  2. LOVE IT! Well done Miss Bennett.

    Can I have a grey one with a dash of neon please? My teapot isn't very big though xx

    1. Thank you Teresa,

      If you measure your teapot from base to the top of the lid, then spout to handle, I will get one whipped up for you by the next coffee morning x

  3. Hi can you please put up the entire pattern here since the link to the original blog seems unavailable. Or please just explain the steps in a lil more detail. Are u making two pieces and joining? How exactly do you get the gap for the spout? Thanks!

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