Thursday, April 18, 2013

Run 5K Challenge for Race for Life

 photo e8d84f0c-1f1e-40f0-b7eb-f0a4b0a00eba_zpsc32ff9c8.jpg

Not only am I good at finding excuses for not exercising, I am also a serial yo-yo dieter. I have counted points and calories, had red days and green days, filled days with eating cabbage soup. I've even tried pills and potions, they all work in the beginning. As for the long run, I find eating out and the odd glass of wine more appealing.

What I needed was a challenge!

My Nanna and Grandad have recently both got over cancer. I decided that Race for Life was for me, especially seeing as my local gym were starting a running group. 

I have ran in the past, I started with my cousin last year, with a promise to myself that I would run with my sister-in-law whilst visiting her in Australia. This soon went to the wayside as I heard about her heroic 100K run to help raise awareness for Anorexia.