Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to: 5-Step Skincare Regime

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Most women know what they should be buying and most women are buying more and more products. Always searching for the best cleanser or the perfect moisturiser. This is great news for all the companies out there that are happy to let us stock up our cupboards with half finished products as we buy the next new product that promises us the world. Did it ever occur that maybe its the way the products are being used? Do you still use cleanser on a cotton pad? Don't worry you haven't done anything wrong but this is exactly what my mother taught me when I first started cleansing, and carried on that way until my best friend started working at Neal's Yard, and informed me on how to use the products properly. I am listing a few of my favourite items, but I am telling you. It's not just about the products it's about how and when you use them too!
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Using the cleanser of your choice, use your fingers to press the product all over your face making sure you also reach the areas around your nose and around your chin. Try not to rub cleanser onto your face as this can encourage removal of skin cells that are not ready to fall off. A muslin cloth can be used for a light exfoliation when removing the product using luke warm water.

Step 2: TONER

Toner comes next as it’s main purpose to remove anything you missed during cleansing. Cover a cotton wool pad with product and sweep over face reaching all areas. Clean any excess product with a tissue.

Step 3: SERUM

Serums contain all the clever scientific stuff and it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed! Use a small 5p sized amount and use the palm of your hand to massage into the face. A serum with antioxidants in will give you bonus points!


Eye cream is one of those products that lots of people use but the majority use wrong. Take a tiny bit of product onto your ring finger and pat it lightly around the orbital bone (which is just under where you’d put concealer). Do not apply it right up by your eye as this will damage the sensitive skin and cause puffiness.


The final step before bed… moisturiser. Use a generous amount, enough to cover all areas. Use upward motions with your hands to rub in. So there you have it, the correct order and how to apply. Now all you need is to decide which products.... I will be doing reviews on my favourite products so please keep coming back. 

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