Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to making Zombies

I have just got off the phone with the Director at Light Films Ltd and the conversation has left me so excited for next weeks shoot I could burst. After months of hanging out in the directors garage shooting all the scenes we have with the main character, we finally have got to the part all of us have been waiting for..... The Zombie fight scene.

Prosthetics are made and ordered, we have torn noses, popped out eyeballs and missing chunks of flesh. As I type litres of blood are being made ready for Tuesday.

I truly cannot wait for this part of the feature and promise that if we have time I will get someone to video the application of the prosthetic pieces, so that I can post them on here as a tutorial at a later date. 

 photo WastelandPostercopy_zps21833ef8.jpg

Official poster for Wasteland - Artwork by Neil Simpson

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

My make-up brushes only last a few months.

 photo Lookingafteryourbrushes_zps93d21051.jpg
This could have something to do with either washing them incorrectly or not at all. I used to wash my brushes in luke warm water with a dash of baby shampoo and tea tree oil. The shampoo dissolves the grease and the tea tree oil has antibacterial properties. I didn't think I could justify the cost of the higher brand cleansers. But that Ladies and Gentleman was before I tried anything other than shampoo. I have tried M.A.C 's Brush Cleanser and Bobbi Browns, I have no preference as both just make you brushes feel like new. Such a small amount is needed that the price is insignificant to the price of replacing your brushes. I also use bare minerals "quick change" brush cleaner, which is an excellent product between shampoos. Just spray this product on a tissue or cotton pad and swipe the brush back and forth until no  trace of colour is left on the brush.

The only concealer that will cover my bags is so thick it looks cakey.

  photo CorrectingConcealer_zps19061f99.jpg

Trying to hide dark circles by piling on the heavy concealer is not the way to go. You need a light liquid formula as they absorb more easily under the eyes and cover without caking. Go for an opaque fluid with a peach tone to counteract the blueish/grey tones. Still seeing shadows try a light dusting of fine, light reflecting powder over the concealer to brighten.

Just hours after applying mascara, I find traces of it on my lids and under my eyes.

 photo SmudgingMascara_zps4f79ab47.jpg

That's because mascara can break down when it comes into contact with oils on your skin, leaving tell tale spots. If you're not planning on wearing eyeshadow then a primer should do the trick. Before you coat the lashes create a matte canvas on lids with a primer, like this light NARS formula, before topping it with a light translucent powder. Look for ones with silica which absorb oil, like MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder.

Even though I wash my face before bedtime, I still wake up with residue.

 photo Make-upResidue_zpsbdeb5ffc.jpg
Your cleanser just isn't doing it for you. Switch to an oil based formula, like DHC's Deep Cleansing oil, which breaks up oil better than regular soap. Or use regular cleanser as it should be used, by smothering your face and neck in cleanser and leave for a about 20 seconds to melt away make-up and grime. Gently wipe away cleanser using tissue or cotton pads. Then tone to make sure you remove any residue left.

I always smudge my polish before it dries.

I always paint my nails when I'm in a hurry, I can never do nail art due to being too impatient to wait for the first coat to dry. My absolutely favourite product for my impatience has to be Nails Inc Kensington Caviar. The base coat is like most others, but the top coat is the best I've tried. It dries in 45 seconds. I could do with the Top coat being sold as a duo.

Nails Inc LONDON Kensington Caviar Top & Base Coat Duo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Collaboration with Cosmo Nominees "I am into this"

Last week I received an email from the Cosmopolitan Blog Award Nominees "I Am Into This". The virtually new blog features.....
'...two very entertaining British young ladies, Samantha and Teresa, delving deep into the sparkling world of life, fashion, beauty, and weddings.'

They have sent me a request to give an interview on the most popular and frequent questions asked by Brides. Seeing as research for most brides starts almost the moment after the proposal. We thought we would put together all the questions you have about Hair & Make-up in one easy to find place.

You'll be able to read the interview on their blog over the next coming weeks. Teresa and Sam of I Am Into This have done a wonderful job of bringing together a beautifully structured blog, that's caught the eye of Cosmopolitan for a Blog award before they are even a year old. So please take a look at their site and please give them a vote for the Cosmopolitan BLOG Awards. Not long left to vote.

If you would like to vote please follow this link and click on the Cosmopolitan Ad on the right, thank you

Also keep an eye out as I review some beautiful products for them too!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Who On Earth Is Deborah Bennett? Competition

 photo BestBeckhamcopy_zps9028412b.jpg

So my application is in.

 photo Ewan-Sun8amcopy_zpsfbe2fd36.jpg

What have I to lose? The competition has a great prize of allowing it's winners to become interns and put together the October Issue of ELLE.

All I need is your votes, your pins, your tweets and likes. Share it on all your social pages, show them the wonderful support you show me everyday.

I'm not holding my breath as there are some awesome applicants, but let's get them to at least wonder

"Who on Earth is Deborah Bennett?"

To find out more about Deborah Bennett, please visit her website at and Facebook page.

Vote for me here
Tweet, Share, Like, Pin  go on you know you want to......

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

West Country and Sleepy Talk

Click on link to see larger image and read the article

Ballet Theatre UK were featured on the cover of the West County Times 'Leisure and Lifestyle' with a fantastic article featuring details about the production, the company and Artistic Director Christopher Moore.

 "This dramatic interpretation will have you captivated"
You can find out more about Ballet Theatre UK by checking out there blog on the link provided.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beautifying The Bad Fairy

Being Key Make-up Artist for Ballet Theatre UK means that I get to design all the make-up for the Ballet Dancers. This was the first opportunity I'd had to do a creative shoot with Chaz Barnes, since working with him in a Photographic Studio in the Midlands. photo BadFairy_zps9e0d8ae5.jpg
I pre-made all of the pieces placed around the eyes. Using lace, gems, glitter and card. It was very effective with the strong green and black make-up used, to enhance the dancers beautiful eyes. I also gave Carabosse (The Bad Fairy) a strong dark lip to intensify her evilness. 

On this shoot I assigned Hillary Sullivan Make-up Artist as my assistant to help out with applying the designs.

This is what the final designs turned out like. photo Carabosseblog_zpsf015b30f.jpg

You can see more of Hillary's work here..

And check out tour dates with Ballet Theatre uk here...