Sunday, August 1, 2010

World Skills - UK Final Body Painting

The brief was Alien Metamorphosis. I had to use a bald cap and at least two different prosthetic pieces. I wanted to have a winged effect and for the model to look as if she was emerging out of a cocoon. The plan was to wrap the model in Plasti-Cap material to achieve this, but on the day I didn't like the overall look, as it covered most of the body, I had just spent 2.5 hours painting. I had just minutes left of competition so I quickly improvised and attached pieces to the model as wings.

 photo AHTFinals_zpsa7915c51.jpg

The inspiration was from Nakamura's provoking 3D Robot drawing. The gorgeous detail and lighting work, really led me to use the same kind of gold for the prosthetic facial piece. Excellently modelled and rendered, the image strikes you with its ‘realness’ – one can unwillingly have the willys watching the spiders, wasps and insects hiving on human’s face! So surreal! Unfortunately I had just 4 days to model in clay and then cast the prosthetic piece, I would have loved to have had the time, to make each creepy crawly individually, instead I used rubber insects from a children's toy shop, and sprayed them gold.
   photo metamorphosiscopy_zpsdd0b66c0.jpg