Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AHT National Finals Competition

Here's a few pictures of some of the creations created by other students from around the country

Women Alternative Hair

Women Alternative Hair

Women Alternative Hair

Women Alternative Hair

This was a 2 day event, with 5 regions competing from across the country.

AHT National Finals Competition Blackpool

Competition was tough this year. Some excellent hair and make-up designs throughout the whole weekend.

Prosthetic Competition - Theme - Science Fiction

This is my entry, I came 3rd and was very pleased with the result. It was my first attempt at prosthetic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was cast in foam latex, and the fur was added before fitting to the model.

Cat Prosthetic by Deborah Bennett - placed 3rd
Foam Latex partial face

Rouge Bounty Hunter by Claire Dell - Foam Latex partial face
Claire is a good friend of mine and got 2nd place with this creation. Well done Claire x

1st place - Coatsbridge College
Latex full cast